18 Aug

The State of California can create a department inside the California Health and Human Services Agency devoted to healthcare affordability with the main goal of setting up a program that can help low income families receive healthcare. It is crucial for low income families, specifically those living under the poverty line, to be addressed first until the program can expand its efforts to support a broader range of families. Low income families can be identified through their income level marked on their tax forms. The department can reach out to these families, offering assistance with health insurance. The department can also offer educational seminars in order to inform these families about registering for health clinics and allow them to receive assistance from experts on how to sign up for health insurance. 

In addition to this department, the California State Congress can propose a bill that forces all California businesses to offer healthcare insurance for full time employees. If the bill is passed, the state would help to provide funding for businesses to enact this program. 

In order to pay for these two solutions, the state government could request a grant from the federal government, as well as reallocate the margin of the state budget that was used for Covid-19 response to funding the programs enacted by the Department inside the California Health and Human Services Agency as well as the bill passed by the State.

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