15 Jul

Here is a list of some ways the people of California can help push the government to enact the proposed solution:

  • Create media posts on platforms such as Facebook or Twitter to spread awareness of available and affordable healthcare in California. If enough people share campaign messages on Twitter or Facebook with a hashtag, the message may ‘trend’ and receive even more attention via app interfaces that highlight trending topics for users and widely followed major media outlets that amplify these memes by reporting on them some campaigns and social movements, such as the #BlackLivesMatter, which came to be known by their hashtag.
  • Pressure local newspapers as well as news stations to spread awareness regarding the need for a department that provides healthcare for low income families by stationing peaceful protests at local government buildings, such as the State Capital in Sacramento, City Halls throughout California, state parks, and local parks.  
  • Send letters or emails to government officials expressing concerns on the issues related to healthcare in California, which would include uninsured and under-insured portions of the population as well as the need for a bill that forces businesses to grant health insurance to full time employees. Letters published in local newspapers, magazines, or blogs are often read by a politician or his/her staff, especially if they mention the politician or are related to an issue she/he is working on; the same is often true for call-in segments on local TV and radio.
  • Work with your city’s council to come up with efficient ways to advocate for a new healthcare department and bill. Talk to friends, peers, teachers, family to both spread and gain awareness regarding affordable healthcare in California.

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